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Group counselling is an opportunity for individuals to speak with a Psychologist in a group setting of 6 to 10 other individuals who may be dealing with similar concerns as yourself. Group counselling is a collaborative effort from all the individuals in the group in helping support each other. Furthermore, each group is run by a Psychologist who will guide the group session. In sharing the experience with others in a supportive environment, Healing Minds Psychology aims to build ones resilience, and enhance the strengths of each individual. In doing so, each individual will feel empowered to address the concerns in their lives.

We can design a group program specific for your students and the needs of your school, so that students can benefit from learning skills to better manage their concerns whilst also being supported by a group environment.

Group counselling can be accessed by students through the provision of the Mental Health Care Plan, which is funded by the Medicare Better Access Scheme. This allows students to obtain 6 to 10 sessions of individual counselling free of charge. All that is required to obtain this plan is a referral from the child’s GP, Paediatrician or Psychiatrist for a Mental Health Care Plan.

Examples of Group counselling include:


Do you find yourself feeling distressed at times for no apparent reason?

Do your children often complain of headaches or not wanting to go to school?

Learn more about anxiety and what you can do to help yourself to reduce and manage those uncomfortable feelings.

Social Skills

Do you find it difficult to initiate conversations with people?

Is your child socially aware of others?

It can be difficult for young people to find their place in the world. If you find yourself struggling in social situations, this group will help you to improve your skills in group participation and building awareness of social cues and conversation initiation.

Relaxation and mindfulness

Do you find it difficult to relax?

Are you constantly on the go?

Are you studying for exams?

Learn new skills in letting go of everyday stressors and focus on your mindful self.

Learn skills in self-care and setting time aside for yourself to reflect on you!

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