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Individual counselling is an opportunity for individuals to speak with a Psychologist one on one. Individual counselling is a collaborative process where you will work together with your Psychologist who will support and guide you in the process. This process is important so that you can feel empowered to address the concerns in your life. At Healing Minds Psychology, we aim to build resilience and enhance your strengths in achieving this goal.

We provide a counselling service to students in schools and individuals at our practice through the provision of the Mental Health Care Plan, which is funded by the Medicare Better Access Scheme. This allows students to obtain 6 to 10 sessions of individual counselling free of charge. All that is required to obtain this plan is a referral from the GP, Paediatrician or Psychiatrist for a Mental Health Care Plan.

Areas of Specialisation include:


Anxiety/Panic disorder

Learning difficulties.

Social skills deficits


Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

ADHD/ Behavioural disorders

Trauma & Abuse

Drug & Alcohol misuse

Adjustment Problems

Family separation/disruption

Grief and loss

Relationship counselling

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