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Krystal Butler

Ms Krystal Butler
Speech Pathologist

Krystal joined the Healing Minds team in 2017. She is passionate about literacy and speech and strongly advocates evidenced-based therapy for her clientele. Krystal has several years experience working as an ABA trained Early Intervention Therapist  prior to becoming a Speech Therapist. She has worked closely with children on the Autism Spectrum as well as children with speech and language delays.

Krystal has experience with both adult and paediatric populations in the areas of:
Multi-modal communication

She strongly believes in working collaboratively with parents during sessions and providing parents with the right strategies to empower them to model language for their children.

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Ms Emily Walker
Speech Pathologist

Joining the Healing Minds team in 2017, Emily is passionate about speech, fluency and working with a paediatric population. Emily has several years experience working in schools, community health, rehabilitation programs and acute settings. Clients include adults and children with a range of different speech and language difficulties.

Emily is committed to providing family-centred practice and engaging children in therapy by creating exciting and fun activities that support their communication needs and social development.

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